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Greenheart Marine Pilings


greenheart marine
A very heavy, hard timber, suitable for use under exacting conditions, outstanding in most of its strength properties, and of very high durability and having excellent resistance to attack from marine borers. Available in very large sizes and long lengths, and therefore suitable for pilings, piers, lock gates, docks and harbor works. Useful for pier decking and hand rails, flooring, and in the engineering industry as bearers for engines. Gives good service in chemical plants for vats, filter press plates and frames. Suitable for joinery in both exterior and interior situations, and used also for fishing rods and center laminar for long bows and general construction.


greenheart timbers
• Domestic woods must be treated to increase durability. The treatment process is toxic and may leave the wood up to 33% weaker than prior to treatment. Untreated and natural, Greenheart will out last treated domestic wood at a ratio of approximately three to one. Replacement material and construction costs are significantly reduced when Greenheart is installed.

• Round Greenheart piles have an average taper of only 1″ on diameter for every 15 lineal feet (lft.), thereby offering a larger surface area for bearing and friction piles. A slight taper also results in a pile containing more wood per lineal ft. As opposed to a square pile, round piles will not present a design of fasting problem should they turn during the driving process.

• Greenheart is three to five times stronger than domestic species in every relevant physical property.

• Greenheart has the highest fire resistance rating of any wood used in marine construction.

• Nontoxic and untreated, Greenheart is approved by The Department of Agriculture for use in meat carrying refrigerator cars. Greenheart will not affect wildlife, water quality or other ecosystems, nor will it mar white hulls of pleasure craft.

• Greenheart possesses a high co-efficient of friction that gives it a non-slip attractive property when wet or even when coated with a film of oil or grease.

• Designing for Greenheart’s superior strength properties will result in a substantial savings on the original construction and material and installation costs.

Marine Construction

A constant factor in any marine installation involving the use of wood that it is subject to salt water action is that of deterioration due to the action of marine bores such as teredo and limnoria, and to decay due to the formation of wood forming fungi. Greenheart Marine Pilings

The most highly resistant wood to these two pests is Demerara or Greenheart, so named because of its greenish cast when split open. Greenheart is more resistant to marine bores than any other species of timber tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for use as piling for piers, flooring, wharfs, etc., and was also found to be highly resistant to wood destroying fungi in tests conducted over a long period of time by the U.S. Forest Service, which also reported Greenheart surpasses iron and steel when used in water or contact with soil.